4 days in Kyiv / Some memories

On the list of things to do in the new year, I had written down that I had to renew my passport. Luckily, they let me keep the previous one with my Ukrainian stamp. The last trip of 2019, and the last of the decade.

I already told you about Ukraine, but after checking all the pictures I had on my mobile, I wanted to share a little more of that trip. For a while now, my phone is the camera that I always carry, and HUJI is the app that I always use for my memories. Maybe it’s extremely repetitive, but I’m a fan of single-use cameras, but too lazy to buy them, and this app seems like a comfortable way to make everything seem lovely saturated, and with a somewhat cinematic look. It’s like I want my life to be similar to a movie.

Coming back to these photographs, I returned to Boris Mykhailov. Recommended by several friends, I spent one of the afternoons at PinchukArtCenter, perhaps the most important Contemporary Art Gallery in the city. It had been a long time since I had not connected so intensely with the work of a photographer. Especially with a male photographer. It is important that you understand that I do not reject art made by men, but as a feminist woman, in general I do not have much interest in the representation of women from the male eye from the male eye that sees us as an inspiration, as muses, as something divine, something extremely beautiful. And I think that in a way, Boris’ work is extremely feminist in the sense of representing a human Soviet woman. Boris’ photography is a revolutionary weapon, the purest representation I have seen of Soviet society, without being a political pamphlet, nor a criticism. I recommend you take a look at his work.

Without being one of the main reasons why I traveled to Kyiv, however, I took advantage of the fact that I was there for four days to discover a bit of the music scene. Since a time ago, I had heard that the capital of Ukraine is the new Berlin. Techno parties in the city and raves stand out on the scene as authentic. So, we ended up in Closer, one of the most important clubs in the city. And we enjoyed it a lot. We also took the opportunity to go to the Opera to see a piece of ballet (a ticket can cost about 4€). The rest of the time we spent the time walking around, eating typical food and drinking beer. I promise it is the last time I write about Ukraine, but please, add it to your list of pending countries to visit, especially if you have little budget like me.

4 days in Kyiv / Ukraine trip

During this year I have not traveled so much. It has been somewhat a chaotic year in terms of time and money; and although in recent months I have taken root in Berlin; I am finding my place, and I start calling this place home; Sometimes I have that need to get out of here. And why Ukraine? During the last years, I have met many friends who were born there, and after so many conversations about their country, and their traditions, I really wanted to go. I felt a certain curiosity and a special attraction for the country that I still don’t know how to explain. I have always been quite attracted to the Soviet society, and I am not generally interested in very touristy places. The first idea of ​​the trip was to travel several cities and take several trains, but again the lack of time made us decide to stay for four days in Kyiv. And it was definitely worth it.

The first thing the pilot told us when landing in Kyiv was that the temperature was -9 ° C and he wished us good luck.

It was like a time travel. A trip to a chaotic city, cold, and full of charm at the same time. I have a fascination for contrasts, and it was full of them. Beautiful buildings and abandoned buildings, the cold in the streets and hot food in traditional Ukrainian restaurants , the surly character of the people, and their charming kindness; the music on the subway, the hipsters bars and the underground techno scene…I felt in love with the capital, and I may soon return. Probably not during the winter time.