Napoli / La città del vento

During the last 4 years, I spent my birthday in a different country. I think it’s a nice tradition that I would like to keep as long I can. This year, since I have not moved away for a while, I decided to use Skyscanner and check the cheapest flights to anywhere. The options, considering my low budget, were reduced to two: Sweden or Italy. Finally, although I am looking forward to visiting the Nordic countries, I decided to spend my birthday in Rome, going through Naples first. 5 years ago, I was living in Turin, Italy, but then, I only toured the north of the country, so it was my first time in both cities.

This entry could be called 48 in Naples if it were a travel blog. But I do not want to give you a tourist guide because honestly, I’m not the best tourist. I do not really care if I do not see the most ‘popular’ things in each city. The luck of Naples is that I was hosted by local friends who took care of me, and recommended what to do and what to eat at any time. I can not be more grateful to meet people in so many parts of the world.

View from the fight, before a wind storm caused turbulence.

One of the reasons why I chose Italy before Sweden was because of the weather. Who was going to tell me that the day I landed in Naples, we were on orange alert because of a wind storm? Imagine my face when getting off the plane and see small snowflakes. In spite of everything, after having my first expresso and tried my first Sfogliatelle, I was able to explore a bit of the city and the seaside.

In the afternoon, and because of the cold did not allow me to walk through the narrow streets of the city, I decided to visit the museum of contemporary art Mother. The temporary exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe “Choreography for a show” was very inspiring. In general, all the pieces in the collection are quite interesting. The recommendation I was given was to go up to the third floor and go down through the entire building.

Floor plan of the building, Madre Museum @ Naples, Italy.

The rest of the time, I spent walking around its streets. Stopping so often to taste every typical sweet, and all possible combination of fried things. I also drink hot chocolate with beautiful people, attend an improvisation performance, and practice my (forgotten) Italian.

One thing that I found fascinating about this city, despite its amazing food and its magic spirit, was its relationship with religion. I found in the streets several small chapels where people pray for their dead people. Also, most of its churches, become emblematic spaces. My favorite, without a doubt, the Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo. I suffered a little Stendhal syndrome when I entered this building that, on the outside, seems austere, and that inside is a museum.

Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo @ Naples, Italy